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Hubei Shengtai Food Co.,Ltd.


Address:A group of Shengli Village, Jingshan County Economic Development Zone, Jingmen City, Hubei Province


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Hubei Shengtai Food Co.,Ltd.

Hubei Shengtai Food Co.,Ltd.was established in July 2016 with a registered capital of 50 million RMB,and is locatedin group 1 Shengli Village in the Jingshan economic de-velopment zone.

The company produces edible fungus and other agricultural products as well as being involved in the production,processing,and sales that is fully integrated with the whole industry chain as a private enterprise.

From January to December 2017,the production of edible fungi reached a total of 2125.416 tonnes.

The company has a staff 150 people,20 are senior executives and 130 employees.The company deals mainly with theprocessing of shredded mushrooms,mushrooms,black fungus,and tremella amongst other things.

Hubei Shengtai Food Co., a young company with a global focus and many of the products are exported to theUnited States,Japan,South Korea,Russia,Vietnam,Hong Kong and other countries and regions,where its products aregreatly favoured by the discerning consumer.

The company covers an area of 20.000 square metres,with a building area of 9500 square meters.

The company employs advanced production lines,packing lines and imported equip- ment(metal detection,shred drying ,wind and X-ray etc)and is equipped with advanced laboratory detection methods.It is also equipped with 18000 cubic meters of frozen garage.

The company takes pride in its core values to provide "quality,innovation,integrity",and all the management and production processes have successively passed HACCP,ISO,SC and other related quality management systemcertification.

It is our true goal and mission to provide high quality and healthy food products for our clients and customers worldwide.


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