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Hubei Shengtai Food Co.,Ltd.


Address:A group of Shengli Village, Jingshan County Economic Development Zone, Jingmen City, Hubei Province

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To ensure quality and safety from the source,to provide global consumers with green,ecological and healthy ediblefungi products,Hubei Shengtai Food adopts the"com-pany + base +farmer"model,vigorously promotes theconstruction of the base,and unifies the technical supply through unified raw material supply.The demonstration effect of standardization and standardization operations such as unified planting man-agement has driven the majorityof contract growers to scientifically grow edible fungi.Hubei Shengtai Food has standardized food fungus planting demonstration bases in Lake Beijing,Suizhou,Xixia,Henan,Fujian Gutian,Zhejiang,Heilongjiang,Northeast and other places,providing source protection for the safetyof your company's products.


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