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Four key factors for removing mushrooms from the bag

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Four key factors for removing mushrooms from the bag

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Bag removal time

       Choose to take off your bag on a sunny or cloudy morning. In the autumn and winter seasons, because the northwest wind is often scraped during this period, the surface of the fungus is easily blown dry, so avoid taking off the bag in a windy day.

       temperature control

       The temperature is controlled between 12 ° C and 25 ° C. The bag can be moved to the mushroom shed and discharged on the trampoline, and a slit is placed on the bag to increase oxygen. When the temperature is appropriate, the bag is removed. The suitable temperature for bag removal is between 18 ° C and 22 ° C. The hyphae are more susceptible to damage than 25 ° C. It is difficult to change color after bag removal below 12 ° C.

       Timely filming

       The bag is moved from the room to the outside. If the bag that has been removed from the bag does not cover the film in time, it will be uncomfortable to transfer from a microclimate to a large space, causing adverse reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to take off the bag while discharging the film while covering the film on the trampoline.

       Broken kiss

       The bag that is partially contaminated with miscellaneous bacteria only cuts the film of the uncontaminated portion when the bag is removed, and leaves 1 to 2 cm to retain the film of the affected part to prevent the spores from being scattered. If the pollution is large, the contaminated part can be removed by a knife, and the uncontaminated part of the fungus can be collected together for manual anastomosis. Generally, after 3 to 4 days of mycelial growth, a whole tube can be formed.

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