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Mushroom cultivation increases production and yields three major attentions

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Mushroom cultivation increases production and yields three major attentions

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First, pay attention to water spray and top dressing.

       The climate in winter is dry and the evaporation of the bed surface is large. It is necessary to spray water properly to maintain the moisture of the soil. Add the ecological treasure of Yifuyuan mushroom in the water to promote the growth of mushroom hyphae and increase the yield. However, it is necessary to prevent the soil from being too wet, so as to prevent the newly germinated hyphae from being damaged by the low temperature.



Second, pay attention to ventilation and insulation.

      In order to meet the living conditions of mycelium, it is necessary to do the winter mushroom house insulation work, pay attention to ventilation, and keep the indoor air fresh. Open the south window for 2 to 3 hours every day at noon. When the weather is warm and windless, the north and south windows can be opened at the same time. When the temperature is extremely low, pause the ventilation for 1 to 2 days and keep the room temperature above 6-7 °C. In late December, the hole should be poked on the opposite side of the culture material to enhance the ventilation of the material to emit harmful gases.

Third, pay attention to the loose soil in addition to the old roots.

      In the middle. When loosening the soil, first scrape the fine soil to the side, loosen the coarse soil or directly loose the coarse and fine soil, but avoid peeling off a large number of white hyphae. Pay special attention to the hyphae surrounding the coarse soil, otherwise the mycelium will peel off. More, will reduce the production of spring mushrooms. After removing the old roots and the dead mushrooms, re-level the coarse and fine soil. 10 days after the loosening, when the hyphae germinate, a new layer of fine soil is added, which is 1 to 1.5 cm thick. The roots of the loose soil should be treated differently according to the growth of the mycelium in the mushroom house and the soil layer. In the soil layer, the mycelium grows vigorously and is strong and strong, so that the fine soil can be scraped off and the coarse soil can be loosened to make a big move; the mushroom room in the soil layer grows normally, and it is not necessary to scrape the fine soil, and the coarse and fine soil will be Loosen together; the mushroom room with poor hyphae growth in the soil layer, it is best not to loosen the soil in winter. Before the mushroom is released in March and April, the coarse and fine soil can be easily moved once.

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