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Mushrooms have high nutritional value, but these 4 people are best not to eat.

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Mushrooms have high nutritional value, but these 4 people are best not to eat.

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Mushroom is the most common kind of edible fungus in daily life. The mushroom is rich in flavor and delicious in taste. Its nutritional value is much higher than that of straw mushroom and peaceful mushroom. It is known as the “king of the mushroom” and the “king of the mountain”. In Japan, shiitake mushrooms are also considered to be "a wonderful medicine" for anti-aging and longevity, and the Romans call it "God food."



The nutritional value of mushrooms

      1. Mushrooms are rich in a variety of ingredients that are very beneficial to human health, such as protein, sugar, lentinan, multivitamins, cellulose, niacin, and calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, etc. A rare high-protein, low-fat nutritious food.

      2. Mushrooms also contain ergosterol which is not found in common vegetables. This ingredient is converted into vitamin D after sun exposure, which helps to promote the growth and development of children's bones and teeth, and also prevents rickets and cartilage.

      3. The protein of shiitake mushroom contains nearly 20 kinds of amino acids, and 7 kinds of essential amino acids are beneficial to growth and development and immunity. The rich content of arginine and lysine has a good effect on enhancing intelligence, especially children's mental development.

      4. According to the measurement, shiitake mushrooms contain more than 40 kinds of enzymes in 6 major enzymes, which is the first choice for improving human enzyme deficiency and supplementing amino acids.

      5. Mushroom polysaccharides, shiitake mushrooms, dietary fiber, oxidase and certain nucleic acid substances in shiitake mushrooms have the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, and are very effective in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage and heart disease. Good.

      6. The ribavirin component in lentinan and shiitake mushrooms also has antiviral and antitumor effects.

      Although the benefits of eating mushrooms are many, but these four types of people are best not to eat:

      1, gout patients

      Gout patients should not eat mushrooms mainly because the mushrooms contain more cockroaches. Increased uric acid levels in the body cause urate deposits in the joints and kidneys to be the essential cause of gout, and the source of uric acid in the human body is largely dependent on sputum, so gout patients should control sputum intake.

      2, the spleen and stomach are weak

      The dietary fiber content of shiitake mushrooms is very rich, especially the mushroom handle. For normal people, eating shiitake mushrooms can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote bowel movements, inhibit fat absorption and help to lose weight. However, dietary fiber is difficult to digest, people with weak stomach and poor digestion ability should eat less mushrooms, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach.

      There have been news reports that a 60-year-old aunt used a dried mushroom stew and did not chew it carefully when eating. The duodenum was completely filled with mushrooms and was relieved by doctors.

      3, skin disease patients

      Shiitake mushroom is a moving animal. In the "Diet in the Diet", it is mentioned in this way that "the acne after the acne, postpartum, post-illness, and the performance of the wind," also suffer from intractable skin itching and allergies. People are not suitable for eating mushrooms, otherwise it may lead to recurrence or aggravation of the old disease.

      4, the elderly and children should not eat more

      Mushrooms are more difficult to digest. They need to be chewed carefully when eating. The elderly have bad mouth and may swallow it without chewing. It is easy to cause indigestion. The chewing and digestive function of children is still not perfect, and eating too many mushrooms is not easy to digest.

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