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How to choose fresh mushrooms? What kind of mushroom is the freshest

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How to choose fresh mushrooms? What kind of mushroom is the freshest

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How to choose fresh mushrooms? What kind of mushroom is the freshest




    One smell:

      1. Smell the smell of mushrooms: When purchasing, choose a pure scent of scent, no mushroom with a sour and musty smell.

      Two touches:

      1, the hand touched the mushroom should not be sticky. In general, fresh mushrooms will be more dry than dry, and feel very moist to the touch, but definitely not sticky.

      2, hand-picked mushrooms, because the mushroom's water absorption is very strong, in order to increase the weight of the traders, the mushrooms will be sprayed or soaked in water. By pinching or squeezing by hand, it can be found that if the hand is pinched or the cap is fragile, it means that there is too much water. At the same time, after the water is soaked, the storage period is shorter, the flavor is worse, and it is very easy to be contaminated or spoiled.

      Four look:

      1. Look at the shape and choose a mushroom with a relatively complete shape. There must be no deformity.

      2, look at the size, the mushroom is not the bigger the better, some mushrooms that grow particularly large are stimulated by hormones, regular consumption will have a bad effect on the human body, and small or medium to small taste is more tender, too Large mushrooms are most likely to be harder due to fibrosis. Therefore, it is best not to buy over-mature mushrooms, seven or eight mature.

      3, look at the cap, especially when buying mushrooms, mushrooms and other edible fungi, you should choose some of the caps or incompletely open the umbrella, it is best that the bacteria under the cap is not broken, so it is rich in nutrition Good mushroom. If the cap is completely open or unfolded, the taste will be very old. In addition, the spores in the pleats under the cover are released, and the nutrients have been lost.

      4, see if there are insects, mildew, impurities.

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