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What kind of points do you need to pay attention to when planting good quality mushrooms?

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What kind of points do you need to pay attention to when planting good quality mushrooms?

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     1, moisture. In the process of planting mushrooms, it takes a lot of water, because enough water can make the mushrooms more tender and full, especially when inoculation, if the water is too low, then the inoculation rate of the mushrooms will not be special. If the water content in the parasitic wood is less than 15%, the mushroom will be difficult to survive. Therefore, when planting the mushroom, make sure that the moisture in the parasitic wood cannot be lower than 60%, and the humidity of the air should reach 80%. The mushrooms are not only high-yield, but the quality is also very good.



        2, temperature. Light ensures that the air humidity is not enough, and the temperature is just as important. Because mushrooms are fungi foods, the temperature requirements are also very high. If you want to sprout the mushroom spores, you have to let the temperature reach 25 degrees, and the hypha growth temperature is the lowest. Can not be lower than 5 degrees, the highest can be higher than 24 degrees, we all know that mushrooms are grown on decaying parasitic wood, so these parasitic woods also play a certain protective role, so the temperature is too low, the hyphae will not die, but the mushrooms Will stop growing, the quality of the planting will not be very bad, but the temperature is too high will not work!

       3, lighting. Mushrooms not only have a large demand for water, but also a large demand for sunlight, but it is a bit strange that the hyphae of shiitake mushrooms are still very repulsive to light, because sufficient light will prevent hyphae. Growing, so you should pay special attention when planting. In the early stage, we can give enough light to the mushrooms.

       4, nutrition. If you want to make the mushrooms grow well, the nutrition must of course be kept up. Because the mushrooms are grown on the rotten wood, the nutrients are some carbohydrates. When adding nutrients to the mushrooms, you need to completely complete these nutrients and water. Fusion can make mushrooms grow better, and mushrooms can also grow normally with vitamin B.

       The above is the place where the mushrooms need to pay attention when planting. As long as these work is done well, I believe that the mushrooms that are grown are not only delicious, but also sell for a good price!

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