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Let the mushrooms have more mushrooms and good mushrooms in the winter!

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Let the mushrooms have more mushrooms and good mushrooms in the winter!

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1. The winter temperature is low, the mycelium grows slowly, the number of fruiting bodies is small, and the long mushrooms are slow.

2, the focus of the management of the mushroom stick is; first, increase the temperature of the mushroom bed, control the relative humidity of the air and keep warm.


3, because the mushroom rod has produced a few varieties of mushrooms, the nutrient consumption is large, the water dispersion is lost, the bacteria stick should be rested, the bacteria should be rejuvenated, and the bacteria stick should be injected with water.

4, in the winter in the greenhouse, the mushroom house, covered with "package", each mushroom interval of 20 days. In addition, in winter lighting, pay attention to give the mushroom room a certain amount of scattered light. In the cultivation of mushrooms, if the light is insufficient, the color of the mushroom cover is light brown to yellowish gray, which will also cause the mushroom stem to lengthen, thereby reducing the commercial value of the mushroom. Only the mushrooms produced under the scattered light of 300~500 lux can be colored normally. In particular, the mushroom house covered with straw can not be covered too tightly, leaving a gap.

5, can use the dry and cold weather in winter to produce mushrooms, when the temperature is below 8 °C, the surface of the mushroom cover is easy to crack, and the cultivation can be used to throw the film at night, so that the cold air suddenly attacks the mushroom body, and the mushroom cover appears. After the crack, the temperature was maintained at 8 ° C or higher. During the cultivation period, the mushroom body can not be rained at all times, and the dry air flow is often blown through, and harvested in time after maturity. In this way, it is possible to produce a flower mushroom with a tender texture, a short handle and a thick flesh.

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