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Greenhouse mushroom cultivation technology

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Greenhouse mushroom cultivation technology

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First, the production of bacteria bags

     (1) Formula: 1. Poplar shavings 79%, wheat bran 20%, gypsum 1%, carbendazim 0.1% (50% wettable powder); 2. Corn cob (smashed into broad bean size) 45%, poplar 40% sawdust, 13% corn flour, 1% gypsum, 1% lime powder, 0.1% carbendazim (50% wettable powder). Wood chips are better than half a year old wood chips, wheat bran must be fresh, no mold, no insects.

     (2) Mixing: After weighing the above raw materials, mix the sawdust, wheat bran and gypsum together, stir evenly, turn 4~5 times, then put carbendazim and lime into the water, stir evenly, use watering can Spray into the dry material separately. While watering, the material is evenly mixed, and the water content of the culture material is adjusted to a water content of about 60% (that is, when the material is pinched by hand, the wet material is agglomerated, and water droplets appear in the finger slits without squatting).

     (3) Bagging: Low-pressure polyethylene film, large bag size 25×55 cm, medium bag 17~20×55 cm. The large bag can hold 2.0 kg of dry material, and the middle bag can hold about 1.5 kg of dry material. Seal one end of the plastic bag before loading, and the absolute airtightness shall prevail. Put the evenly mixed culture material into the bag and tighten it properly. With the hand in the center of the loaded bag, there is no soft feeling, and there is no sagging at both ends.

     Second, sterilization

     (1) Construction of a steamer: A large iron pan with a diameter of 1.5 m is used to build a soil steamer with a width × width × height of 2 × 2 × 2.5 m and a volume of 8 to 10 m 3 . The inner and outer walls of each pot are smeared with high cement, and a 1.7-meter-diameter curtain made of wood or iron bars is placed on the surface of the pot, and a sack is placed on it to prevent the bag from being punctured. A lid of 2.1 m in diameter was made from a galvanized sheet having a thickness of 1.5 mm, and the steaming pot was set up and used.

     (2) Adding water to the pot: Before burning the fire, add enough water to the pot. The water surface in the pot is about 20 cm away from the curtain. Then, the bag with the mouth is aligned up and down, and placed in the curtain on the steamer in batches. .

     (3) Heating and sterilizing: Before the pot is fired, the fire is first attacked for 4 to 6 hours. The temperature in the pot reaches 100 °C, continue to heat, and keep this temperature for 10 hours, then suffocate for one night, when the material temperature is reduced to 70. When the temperature is °C, the pan is taken out and quickly moved into the cooling chamber, and the temperature in the bag is lowered before inoculation.

     Third, vaccination

     (1) Disinfection room: Put the tools for discharging into the indoor sealed doors and windows 4 days before use to achieve indoor airtightness, and ignite each room with sulfur to fumigate the room.

     (2) Inoculation time: When the temperature of the bag drops to 30 °C, the seeding time is best arranged in the morning and evening.

     (3) Inoculation procedure: It is appropriate to use 4 people, do a good job of division of labor, carry out operations, ignite alcohol lamps, punch the bacteria, take the strains, mix the bacteria with the bag, and seal. The collected "well" shaped piles of the bacteria bags are stacked in 5 layers.

     Fourth, the bacteria culture

     (1) Keep the room dark, and control the room temperature at around 25 °C.

     (2) Inoculation for 16 to 20 days, use a toothpick to puncture 10 to 20 holes of 0.5 to 1.0 cm deep at the inoculation hole. The second time with a sweater needle, the third time with chopsticks, once every 10 days, gradually increase and deepen.

     Five, color management

     The color change is generally carried out in the fermentation chamber. To achieve a room temperature of 20 to 30 ° C, remove the bag, soak the mold tube with lime water, and use it to be ventilated, but not too long each time. Usually 30 minutes is appropriate.

     Six, fruit period management

     (1) The mushroom shed is constructed, and the existing greenhouse or greenhouse can be used. If you build a new shed, you can choose a sunny lee, dry terrain, no water, clean environment, sufficient water supply, convenient feeding and discharging, such as in the courtyard, before and after the house, near the village, in the orchard, and between the woods. The greenhouse film covers straw curtains or sunshades.

     (2) Discharge of the bacteria bag; horizontally arranged on the bed frame, the bag distance is about 4 cm. Each layer can be discharged into large bags of 42 to 44 bacteria bags. In order to facilitate the hydration of the bacteria bag, it is better to build a dip pool near a small shed.

     (3) Variable temperature mushroom: The temperature difference between day and night must be 10 °C or above in order to stimulate the formation of mushroom buds. Keep the humidity in the shed 85%. If there are conditions, you can use the mushroom to increase the economic efficiency.

      Seven, harvest

     (1) Going to the inferior stay: If the young mushroom grows too densely, it should be picked up properly to maintain a relatively uniform distance.

     (2) In the early spring or late autumn, you can use the fire to warm up, and early or delayed the mushroom. When the winter weather is cold, the bacteria bags can be stacked together for winter. When the temperature rises in the coming year, the mushroom will be released.

        The harvested mushrooms can be sold fresh or dried. After harvesting, the fungus should be rested and nourished, and the nutrients should be accumulated to provide sufficient nutrient conditions for the next batch of mushrooms.

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