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Scientific method for picking mushrooms

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Scientific method for picking mushrooms

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In many bases where mushrooms were grown, it was found that some mushroom farmers did not grasp some precautions when picking mushrooms, which directly affected the income. Now I will summarize some scientific methods in the picking process, and hope to help the majority of mushroom farmers.



First, master the best harvest period

      Mushrooms are harvested at maturity in July and August.

      The remarkable characteristics of maturity are as follows: the membrane has been broken, the cap is not fully developed, and there is still a little involution, forming a "copper rim", and the pleats have all been elongated. The shiitake mushrooms harvested at the right time have bright color, strong aroma, thick cover, soft and tough meat, and high commodity value. If you miss the best harvesting period, the umbrella will be fully developed, and there will be a series of problems such as thin flesh, long feet and discoloration of the pleats. At this time, its weight is reduced and the value of the commodity is lowered.

      Second, pay attention to picking technology

      Pick up the mushroom stick in the left hand when picking the mushroom, and squeeze the base of the mushroom handle with your thumb and forefinger in the right hand, first rotate left and right, and unscrew it. Do not leave the mushroom feet on the mold tube, which will affect the mushroom. If the mushroom grows densely and the base is deep, use a small knife to dig up from the base of the mushroom foot, and keep the shape intact.

      Third, the weather impact

      According to the changes in temperature and climate, the harvesting of mushrooms will take different measures and be carried out in batches. When the temperature is low, the mushroom grows slowly, and the harvesting period can be extended appropriately; if it is cloudy or rainy, it is better to pick the slightly tender mushroom in advance, instead of picking the cooked mushroom.

      Fourth, with a suitable container

      Freshly harvested mushrooms should be packed in small baskets or small baskets, and be handled with care to keep them intact and prevent each other from being crushed and damaged. The fresh mushrooms collected should be separated according to the size of the mushroom body and the shape of the mushroom. They should not be mixed together, and then they should be separately installed in the container for sorting.

      5. Stop spraying water before mining

      Some mushroom farmers spray water before harvest to increase the weight, which seriously affects the quality. If water is sprayed before harvesting, the water content of the mushroom body is high, and the pleats become brown when the fresh mushrooms are processed. When the defoliation is dried, the pleats become black, and the moisture of the mushroom body is too high and moldy. Therefore, it is not possible to spray water before harvesting, so that the mushroom body retains its original moisture.

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