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The difference between mushrooms and mushrooms

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The difference between mushrooms and mushrooms

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The difference between mushrooms and mushrooms:



     1. The difference in appearance. The head of the mushroom is generally larger than the mushroom, and there are white cracks on the outside, and the mushroom does not.

       2. Differences in growth environment. The mushroom is sublimated after the mushroom encounters a special climate. Mushrooms in the general low temperature, less rain, sunny, the greater the temperature difference, the easier it is to grow into mushrooms. It is best to snow today, and tomorrow, the sun will be released again. This kind of cold and hot temperature is most suitable for growing mushrooms.

       3. The price difference. Mushrooms are found every year, but flowers are not necessarily. Only when this year's climate is suitable will it grow. Therefore, the mushroom has a certain scarcity, and the price is generally more than twice that of the mushroom. The price of high quality mushrooms and bird's nest is similar.

       4. Difference in nutritional value. Both the mushroom and the mushroom contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, and a large amount of ergosterol and bacteriodol which can be converted into vitamin D have a good effect on enhancing disease resistance and preventing colds and treatment. But the mushroom also has the effect of preventing disease, fitness, and delaying aging.

       5. Differences in cooking methods. Mushrooms are suitable for stewing soup; mushroom stew and stir-fry are suitable. The taste of the mushrooms is also better.


       Mushrooms and mushrooms should be kept dry and not damp.

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