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Precautions for cultivation of shiitake mushroom bag

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Precautions for cultivation of shiitake mushroom bag

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       1 It is not advisable to spray water on the bacteria during the mushroom harvesting stage. Otherwise, the wound left by the mushroom is prone to mold.

       2 If there are rotten mushrooms and dead mushrooms on the fungus, remove them in time.

       3 If green mold is present, apply a little high concentration of carbendazim to smear green mold.

       4 The light in the greenhouse should be moderate, the shed inside is too cloudy, which is unfavorable for mushroom production; the light is too strong, and the temperature is too high, it is not easy to produce mushrooms; strive to achieve seven points and three points of yang.

       5 ventilation in the greenhouse should be good, the humidity can not be too high, otherwise, it will easily cause mold fungus and coarse mushroom handle.

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