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Management of mushroom season

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Management of mushroom season

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The large temperature difference between the day and night is the mushroom that is warm and fruity. When the temperature difference between day and night is about 10 °C, it can usually be normal. Mushroom farmers can cover the film during the day, so that the temperature inside the mushroom is raised to 25 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and then ventilated in the evening, so that the temperature is reduced to about 15 ° C. For several days, the primordium will be exposed to the surface of the fungus and develop into mushroom buds.

      After controlling the humidity of the mushroom field, the relative humidity of the mushroom oyster is maintained at about 85% in the initial stage. After a large number of mushroom buds are differentiated from the mushroom cover and the mushroom handle, the relative humidity of the air is reduced to about 80%.

      In the early stage of creating suitable wet and dry conditions, the internal moisture content of the fungus tube is sufficient, which can fully meet the needs of the production of the first mushroom body, without soaking the water. After the first batch of mushrooms are harvested, stop spraying water, smear the membrane, let the surface of the tube dry for 1-3 days, and then cover the film to increase the temperature and promote the growth of mycelium. After 2 to 3 days, the mushroom leaves left after harvest will grow white and grow hyphae. At this time, spray water to humidify, sputum membrane ventilation, increase the temperature, and promote the growth of the next batch of mushrooms.

      Ensure ventilation and reduce the temperature of the deformed mushroom when it is above 23 °C, and ventilate once every morning, middle and night. When the temperature is below 17 °C, ventilate once a day. Ensure that there is sufficient moisture and fresh air during the growth of the fruiting body.

      Give plenty of light. The fruiting body of the mushroom must have some non-direct light during production. Generally, it can be read in the mushroom shed.

      To prevent the infection of bacteria and prolong the life of the fungus, spray 50% carbendazim WP 500 times or 0.1% aqueous solution on the wall, mushroom rack and ground to prevent the infection of bacteria.

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