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Reasons for the growth of mushrooms and their countermeasures

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Reasons for the growth of mushrooms and their countermeasures

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Mushrooms often have malformations during the fruiting stage and fruiting body growth stages. These growing malformed mushrooms are cheaper in the market and affect the economic income of growers. So what is the cause of the malformation of mushrooms? How to prevent it? Let's take a look at the causes and prevention methods of mushroom growth abnormalities.

       Causes and control measures of mushroom malformation

       Growth malformation

       1. Improper selection: In addition to inferior strains or infection by viruses, improper selection of strains can lead to abnormal growth of mushrooms. For example, in high altitude and low temperature areas, high temperature strains should be cultivated, and low temperature will cause The mushroom buds shrink and cause deformities.

       2, improper development and management: If the mushroom buds in the cultivation bag are buds early, the mushroom buds can not be stretched by the extrusion of the bag wall, so the first generation of mushrooms is prone to deformity.

       Causes and control measures of mushroom malformation

       3, the water is not suitable: after the mushroom is 2-3 times, the water content of the fungus begins to decline, it is necessary to introduce the immersion rehydration, but this method is only suitable for early-maturing varieties, if it is carried out on late-maturing varieties, it will lead to deformity.

       4. Improper humidity control: In winter, the temperature is low, and warm measures should be taken. If the cold and wind are affected during the mushrooming period, the mushroom buds will shrink and dry, and the growth will be deformed. In addition, during the mushrooming period, the air When the humidity is lower than 70%, the handle of the mushroom may be soft or hollow.

       Causes and control measures of mushroom malformation


       1. Understand the bacteria: Before planting and cultivating, understand the relevant cultivation knowledge, especially the characteristics of the strains. According to the local environment and climate, select the appropriate variety according to local conditions, and then calculate the season and time and rationally inoculate.

       2, to prevent blind bagging: in the mushroom bud period to strengthen management, especially when the hyphae did not reach physiological maturity, it is easy to appear mutant malformed mushrooms, master the mature time of hyphae, timely bag off.

       Causes and control measures of mushroom malformation

       3, timely, moderate amount of water: also need to understand whether the strain is early maturing or late-maturing varieties, timely, moderate amount of water, to prevent water from prematurely too low, when the water content of the fungus is less than 40%, then it is difficult to produce mushrooms. And there are many mushrooms. Generally, when the water content is 60-70%, the water is soaked. After water immersion, the water content is 95%. If the water is soaked for too long, the water absorption is too much, and the hyphae is not easy to grow and breathe, which affects the mushroom.

       4, do a good job of insulation and moisture control: in the winter to strengthen warmth measures, keep the temperature difference between day and night at 10 degrees or more, but also pay attention to air humidity, according to climate change to humidify.

       5, timely harvest: after the ripening of mushrooms must be harvested in time, if not harvested in time, mushrooms will be over-cooked, consume a lot of nutrients, is not conducive to the second time.

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