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The role of mushroom feet and the benefits of vegetarian eating mushroom feet

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The role of mushroom feet and the benefits of vegetarian eating mushroom feet

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Classification of mushroom feet:

The mushroom foot is an accessory product after the mushroom is cut. According to the timing of cutting, it is divided into dry cut mushroom foot and wet cut mushroom foot; dry cut mushroom foot is the mushroom foot cut after the mushroom is dried and dried; wet cut mushroom foot is fresh mushroom The feet of the mushrooms are cut directly; the color of the dried shredded mushrooms is white and thick; the color of the wet-cut mushrooms is reddish, the feet of the mushrooms are thin, and the senses are poor.

Use of mushroom feet:

---Single cut mushroom feet

Single-cut mushroom feet mean that the mushroom feet are cut off only at one end of the lid, while the ends with the sawdust are not cut off. Mushroom feet and goods (the size is not graded together) can be processed to make soy sauce, but also can extract lentinan; after baking, it can be used as a confectionery for cakes, bread, flour, and mushroom meat sauce; the foot of the mushroom is a good farmyard manure. It is a good fertilizer when planting raw flowers, flowers, vegetables and trees;

----Double cut mushroom feet

The double-cut mushroom foot refers to the mushroom foot that is cut off at one end of the lid and the end with the sawdust; the double-cut mushroom foot has a greater use, in meatballs, fish balls, big meat sauce, dumpling line, hot pot seasoning, food seasoning It is used for regular meetings and is also a good dish for vegetarian friends.

Mushroom feet and vegetarian:

Mushroom feet can increase appetite, promote development, enhance memory, and have special functions for promoting the development of children's intelligence and delaying the decline of the elderly's intelligence. Therefore, some people in Japan call mushrooms "chick of mushrooms." Mushrooms contain protein, amino acid, fat, crude fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients. Among them, protein content is the highest in fungi foods; for vegetarian friends, there are more functions. Medical science research shows that vegetarian diet can purify blood, prevent constipation and acne, improve beauty, and calm emotions. Compared with meat, vegetarian food has many benefits in terms of health care. The main ten benefits are as follows:

   1. Vegetarian food is the most natural way of longevity.

    2, vegetarian food is the most effective and fundamental beauty product.

   3, vegetarian diet can reduce the incidence of cancer, especially the occurrence of rectal cancer, colon cancer.

   4, vegetarian diet can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

   5, vegetarian diet helps bone density increase, prevent osteoporosis.

   6, vegetarian diet is a good medicine for weight loss.

   7, vegetarian food can make the brain smarter and more agile.

   8, vegetarianism makes people gentle, love life, love nature.

   9, vegetarian food makes people energetic.

  10. Vegetarian food is good for your health. Vegetarians can stay away from animal diseases such as avian flu.

The mushroom feet are pure natural green products. The black fungus grown in the original ecological environment has unique nutritional value. The wild mushroom has higher nutritional value, good taste and good taste, and is well received by consumers.

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