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Four key points for growing mushrooms

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Four key points for growing mushrooms

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Shiitake mushroom is one of the most popular fungi foods. This kind of food is known as the king of Shanzhen. The food of mushroom can prevent cancer, and it can delay some beneficial effects such as aging, and it can also be effective. The prevention of diabetes also has a certain effect on the current AIDS in society. Now that the price of mushrooms is high on the market, there has been no price cut, so let's take a look at how to grow this food.

       1, water mushroom This fungus food in the process of growth and development requires a lot of water, water can promote the growth rate of mushrooms, so that the mushrooms look fuller. When we inoculate the food of shiitake mushrooms, if the water content in the parasitic wood is below 32%, the chance of inoculation will be greatly reduced. Hyphal growth and survival below 15% are difficult. The moisture content of the parasitic wood during the forming period of the fruiting body cannot be less than 60%, and the relative humidity in the air should not be lower than 80%, so that the food of the mushroom can grow normally. Development, increase yield and improve quality.

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     2, temperature mushroom This kind of thing is a fungal food, there is a high demand for temperature and climate during growth and development, this food is more like the warm climate temperature, the most suitable for the temperature of mushroom spore germination It is about twenty-five degrees Celsius. The temperature at which mycelia grows and develops cannot be used below five degrees Celsius or above twenty degrees Celsius. However, because the mushroom food is usually grown on the wood material after decay, the wood also plays a protective role for the growth and development of the mushroom. Therefore, under normal conditions, the temperature is between minus twenty and forty degrees, and the parasitic wood of the mushroom can survive without wilting, but it will stop growth and development. Usually, when the temperature is too low, although the growth rate of the mushroom is lowered, the quality is still good, and if the temperature is too high, the opposite is true.

       3, the demand for sunlight to treat the sun is also very large, the intensity of light and the appropriate light time is one of the most important factors for the growth and development of mushrooms. However, one thing is quite peculiar. The growth and development of shiitake mushroom hyphae is very resistant to light. After research by Chinese scientists, if the intensity of light is too large, it will limit the growth and development of hyphae, and it can also promote the original. Forming of the base. Therefore, we must pay attention to the process of breeding mushrooms. Otherwise we will have a hard time controlling the development of the situation. A series of developments in the early stage of the growth of shiitake mushrooms have great needs for the sun's illumination. If the illumination is not sufficient, it will have certain influence on the formation of the fruiting body.

       4, nutrition Just now we also said that mushroom fungus food is grown on decaying wood, so the nutrients for the normal growth and development of this food is the carbohydrate and other substances. Usually, for the growth and development of mushroom food, we need to add some nutrients to the decaying wood. However, these nutrients and substances need to be dissolved in water to better promote the absorption of mushrooms. The demand for vitamins and nutrients in shiitake mushrooms is very small, and only some vitamin B is needed for normal healthy growth and development. When growing mushrooms, we must pay attention to the balance of nutrients, such as ammonium bicarbonate, etc., otherwise it will easily affect the growth of mushrooms, which will affect the value.

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