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Organic edible fungus picking technology

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Organic edible fungus picking technology

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Organic edible fungi are large, edible fungi (large fungi), commonly known as mushrooms. Most of them belong to the basidiomycetes, common: mushrooms, straw mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus, white fungus, monkey head, bamboo stalk, pine mushroom (matsutake), mushroom, red mushroom and boletus; a few belong to Ascomycetes Among them are: morel, saddle bacteria, truffles, etc. Here is a brief introduction to the organic edible fungus picking technology:

Hubei edible fungus

First, master the best harvesting period of organic edible fungi. Take the mushroom as an example. The mature symbol of the seven or eight, the bacterial membrane has been broken, the cap is not fully developed, there is still a little involution, forming a "copper edge", the pleats have all been stretched Long, from white to tan or dark brown. This is the harvesting period of the mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms harvested at the right time have bright color, strong aroma, thick cover, soft and tough meat, high commodity value, expired harvesting, full development of the umbrella, thin meat, long feet, and discoloration of the pleats. At this time, its weight is reduced. The value of the commodity is low.

Second, pay attention to the organic edible fungus picking technology with handle mushrooms (chanterelles, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, etc.) harvest, but must be small according to mining. When picking the mushrooms, the thumb and forefinger pinch the base of the mushroom handle, first rotate it left and right, then gently pull it up. Don't hurt the surrounding mushroom buds, so that the feet of the mushrooms remain on the fungus, which affects the mushroom. . If the mushroom grows densely and the base is deep, use a small knife to dig up from the base of the mushroom foot, and keep the shape intact.

Third, the choice of organic edible fungi suitable for sunny weather harvesting is conducive to processing, generally not to pick up in rainy days, the reason is that the water volume is high, it is difficult to dry, affecting the quality, if it is not aging, it will be harvested at this time, but it must be harvested, but Grasping the processing. For white fungus, black fungus, etc., it should stop spraying water on cloudy days, strengthen ventilation, let the ear piece flat, wait for a good day to harvest, so it is good for drying.

Fourth, with the appropriate container to harvest the fresh mushrooms, organic edible fungi should be used in small baskets or small baskets, and be careful to keep the physical integrity, to prevent mutual crushing damage, can not affect the quality. The fresh mushrooms collected should be separated according to the size of the mushroom body and the shape of the mushroom. They should not be mixed together, and then they should be separately installed in the container for sorting.

Fives. The organic edible fungus should be drained or controlled before the water is taken as a fresh-keeping or dehydrated and dried product. It must be drained or dehydrated during processing. If the water is sprayed before harvesting, the water content of the mushroom body is high, the pleats are browned when the fresh mushrooms are processed, and the pleats become black when the water is dried, so the products do not meet the export requirements. If it is domestically sold, the moisture in the mushroom body is too high and it is easy to mold. Therefore, it is not possible to spray water before harvesting, so that the mushroom body maintains the original moisture, so that the appearance is beautiful, the commodity value is high, the sale is good, and the sales are smooth.

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