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Solve the problem of humidity in the greenhouse

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Solve the problem of humidity in the greenhouse

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Planting tips

       In greenhouses and indoor cultivation of mushrooms, controlling humidity is the key to success. Especially after mushrooming, if the humidity is too small, the mushroom body will not shrink or even die; the humidity is too high, and it is easy to rotten mushrooms. The water spray method is used to control the humidity of the mushroom bed, which is difficult to grasp. Sometimes the water spray on the material surface is too heavy to affect the development of the mushroom bud, causing the death of the young mushroom. There is a simple and easy method of controlling moisture, which solves this problem better and has improved yield and quality. Mushroom farmers can try it in production.


To do this, prepare some towels and empty cans, cut the towel into a strip of 8-10 cm wide, fill the cans with water, immerse the towel in water 15 cm, and spread the rest on the edge of the bottle. Place the bottle on the mushroom bed and place a container of dripping water under the bottle. The towel strip can suck out the water in the bottle, and the moisture on the cloth strip can evaporate in the air, so that the humidity in the air rises, and the humidity in the room is controlled at about 80%. The control method increases or decreases the water in the bottle. How much to master.

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