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The nutritional value and efficacy of mushrooms

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The nutritional value and efficacy of mushrooms

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Because of its rich nutrition, its aroma and spleen, it tastes delicious. It is known as the “king of mushrooms”, “Queen of Mushrooms” and “The Crown of Vegetables”. It is not only listed on straw mushroom and oyster mushroom, but also has the reputation of “plant queen”, which is called “Shanzhen”.

The nutritional value of mushrooms


Mushrooms are rich in nutrients such as vitamin B group, iron, potassium and vitamin D (transformed into vitamin D after sun exposure). It also contains 18 amino acids. The eight kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, the mushroom accounted for seven. In addition, mushrooms also contain a large amount of glutamic acid, various sugars and the like. The aqueous extract of dried shiitake mushrooms contains various amino acids, acetamide, choline, adenine and the like. Therefore, nutritionists say that the nutritional value of shiitake mushrooms is four times that of beef, and the shiitake mushroom is called "the peak of plant food." In Japan, it is believed that mushrooms and white fungus are the "best medicines" for anti-aging and longevity.

The efficacy and function of mushrooms

  1. Fitness puzzle

      Mushroom foods have the effect of improving brain cell function. Modern medicine believes that the wise-enhancing effect of shiitake mushrooms is that it is rich in arginine and lysine, which is often eaten and can be healthy and puzzled. The protein in the mushroom, a variety of amino acids are very beneficial to the mental development of children.

2. stomach support

In "Materia Medica", it is recorded that the mushroom can help the stomach. It can treat loss of appetite and promote spleen and stomach function.

3. Detoxification

Mushrooms have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Folk mushrooms are commonly used to treat diseases such as smallpox and measles in children.

4. Cong Ershou

Mushrooms and chicken simmered with the same food, can prevent the elderly debilitating deafness, the effect is good. Shiitake mushrooms are known as natural health products for longevity.

5. Moisturizing beauty

     The trace elements contained in the mushrooms and the rich vitamins are good raw materials for beauty and hair care. It can promote blood circulation, inhibit melanin, nourish the skin, make the skin rosy and more elastic, and is the best in bodybuilding.

6. Qi and soothe the nerves

Mushrooms also contain a kind of "salin" that calms the self-regulating nerves located in the brainstem.

7. Prevent colds

Eating shiitake mushrooms can improve the body's immune function and prevent colds.

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