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Tian bai hua

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Tian bai hua

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Flower mushroom is the star of the mushroom, which is a kind of mushroom produced by the mushroom fruit body under special circumstances. The top surface of the mushroom is light black, the mushroom pattern is blooming, white, and the bottom of the mushroom is light yellow. The flower mushroom is named after the top surface has a pattern. The colder the weather, the higher the yield of the mushroom, the better the quality, the meat is thick, tender, delicious, and the food tastes refreshing.

Flower mushroom is a kind of edible fungus newcomer developed by modern times. It is the natural condition of the mushroom in the production process by controlling temperature, humidity, light and ventilation, artificially changing the normal growth and development of the mushroom, so that the cap is formed in brown and white. The pattern thus forms a flower mushroom. In the production process, the mushroom does not use pesticides and fertilizers and any hormones, and is free from any pollution, and can reach the organic food standard. The mushroom is popular with people at home and abroad for its rich nutrition and disease prevention, fitness, and anti-aging effects.

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